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Risa Hamada Joins CarterJMRN KK

Risa Hamada
Client Service Director (bilingual)

Tokyo, Japan – March 3, 2014 – CarterJMRN KK is pleased to announce that Risa Hamada has joined its growing team to serve as Client Service Director, effective March 3, 2014.

With a 20-year background in strategic planning on both the agency and client sides, Risa Hamada brings a wealth of experience to CarterJMRN projects. Having moderated over 3,000 focus groups and numerous IDIs for product categories ranging from household products to diamonds and beyond, her calm and understated manner helps encourage respondents to open up.

“Risa’s strategic background is invaluable in terms of delivering nuanced insights,” said Dominic Carter, Representative Director and CEO of CarterJMRN.  “We are also excited about utilizing Risa’s facilitation skills with executive-level Japanese managers in our bespoke workshops that inspire innovation and corporate strategy development,” said Debbie Howard, Chairman.

Risa is a graduate of Central Michigan University majoring in Interpersonal Communications.

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