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The Business of Omotenashi

by Dominic Carter
CEO, CarterJMRN K.K.

Much has been written and spoken lately about the “Cool Japan” initiative. With the slogan having been in common use since the early 2000s, the idea of Cool Japan is not a new one.

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Wishing Upon a Star?

By Dominic Carter


I have been following with interest the prospective launch of Jetstar Japan. Jetstar, a subsidiary of Australia’s flag-carrier Qantas, is widely recognized as being one of the most successful low-cost airline start-ups in the world. The new “Jetstar family” airline, which is a joint venture between Japan Airlines, Mitsubishi and Qantas is expected to start flying this summer.

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Amidst the Gloom, Some Rays of Light

By Debbie Howard


Everywhere we turn these days, there seems to be some bit of bad news.  But not all companies are suffering, and in fact, there are some interesting “winners” emerging in these challenging times.

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Niseko Offers Paradigm for Successful Tourism in Japan

By Debbie Howard


I first visited Niseko-Hirafu in 2003, near the beginning of the “Aussie tourism explosion.”  Since then, it has blossomed into a “global ski resort” destination that has attracted foreign investment to all four base areas under the Niseko umbrella.

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