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Springtime Comes to Consumerland

By Dominic Carter


Those of us who have lived in Japan for some time will often marvel at how quickly and definitely the seasons change. One day it’s winter and the next it’s spring – such is the speed with which the seemingly entrenched weather pattern can change. So also it seems with the economic mood. As late as six months ago I was making presentations to our clients on the basis that we were faced with a consumer in full retrenchment.

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Consumers Seeking “Three S’s” as Sweltering Temperatures Set In

By Debbie Howard


In the autumn of last year I reflected upon the extraordinary summer heat we had experienced, and the effect of seasonality upon near-term marketing success – or failure.

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Seasonality Has Its Effects

By Debbie Howard


I’ve always chuckled at the way Japan seems to think it is the only place in the world that actually has “four seasons,” and news reports about the ups and downs of sales related to the seasons always awaken my inner marketing cynic.

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